For Such A Time As This

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Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

The above verse is one that a lot of people glance over. I know I have done that before. Or we read it and say, “Indeed, the days are evil.” However, a lot of times, it seems we miss the admonition, or the exhortation that goes before hand. We often look at the world and say, “Wow. Look how evil it has become!” But we don’t do what the scripture tells us to.

What does that passage tell us? “Be very careful, then, how you live…” Are we careful how we live? In this society of quick fixes, many people live for the moment, not thinking about what is going to come next, because, “Oh. If I mess up I can fix it.”? How about among Christian circles? How often do you hear, “Oh, it’s ok, God will forgive me/them/him/her.”? Yes, God will forgive them, but that doesn’t mean you have a license to sin. God only forgives a repentant heart, and by it’s very definition, repentance means turning around and going the other way. But do we live carefully? Or do we live recklessly?

Next, “…not as unwise but as wise…”. This is right up the alley of what Alex and Brett have been talking about. How do you live as wise? By hanging around the wise. I’m not going to talk about that, that has been covered previously, and that’s not what this post is about, but I thought I’d point it out.

This is where I want to focus, “…Making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil…”

We all know the days are evil. I don’t think I have to convince any of you of that. What I want to focus on, is redeeming the time. Do we make the most of every opportunity? How many times do we stop and talk to someone on the street about Jesus? Do you ever talk to the Salvation Army bell-ringer when you put in your spare change? Do you know for certain that they are Christians? What do you spend your time doing?
In an excellent post, “My iPod is My Best Friend”, Alex examines how much time most teens spend on technology. “According to a study published by Business Week, the average American spends 9 1/2 hours a day watching TV, going to movies, renting videos, reading magazines, listening to music, and surfing the web. This was in 1998. Since then, Internet use has skyrocketed, DVDs have supplanted VHS, and the iPod has ushered in a new era of isolation from fellow human beings.”

What are we doing online? I have to admit, there are many times when I have spent my computer time doing fun, yet somewhat useless, or idle things. I don’t have an eternal perspective of things. I’m not seeing through God’s eyes. Now, don’t feel condemned. I’m not bashing the instant messenger, I have an account. I’m not bashing technology, I do web design. Nevertheless, what are we focusing on? Are we listening to what God is telling us? Are we doing it?

How are we going to know what God wants us to do? By living in a state of constant prayer, I’ll examine that in a future post…For now, I just want to encourage you to make the most of the time.
God created your for such a time as this. It reminds me of a song by one of my favorite artists, John G. Elliott.

Each of us was born to hear the holy call,
To find our place in God’s unfolding plan.
When his voice is heard, it’s glorious to obey,
And bear his light and truth to every man.

We’re called to be the generation,
That turns the tide within our nation,
but who will go and who will stand?

For such a time as this:
We were born to speak the truth;
anointed words that move the hearts of men.
If we are silent now, the Lord will send some other men;
Faithful men whose hearts are fully his.
For such a time as this.

Each of us was born, to know the heart of God
His deep desire to love and to forgive
He does not delight in judgement or in wrath
But calls to all to turn to him and live

The words that bring a true repentance
That turn away God’s judgment sentence
Are words that only we can give.
(For Such A Time As This, from the recording “Let All The Thirsty Come”, 1990 BMG SOngs {Gospel Division} ASCAP)

Now go into the world making disciples as you go. Redeem the time. Don’t let it slip by you, for our God is worthy of so much more than we can ever give. So do all you can. God bless.


A Good Discussion

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Click on the banner to take you to the discussion post.

There is a great discussion going on over at Agent Tim’s site. Check it out and comment. Kudos to Tim for posting on it…

God Bless!


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Well, well, well. Good friends Alex and Brett Harris have been nominated for Weblogs Best Awards. Go to their site, there is a link, and vote for them! You can vote once per computer every twenty-four hours. Don’t forget to vote! From what we can tell The Rebelution is the only homeschool blog, and one of only two teen blogs in the entire Weblog Awards .

Visit The Rebelution and vote!

Robots: Worldview Or No?

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“You can shine no matter what you’re made of!”

That sounds like a wonderful line, and one that would encourage younger viewers to have faith in themselves and not worry about what others think. Prima facie, that’s what it is. However, when you combine it with other key quotes from the movie, you get the true philosophy behind the movie. “What is that,” you might ask? Well, sit tight, and I’ll tell you.

The story begins with a very proud robot bursting out of his restaurant with glee, exclaiming, “Wahoo! I’m gonna’ be a dad!!” Wonderful way to start a movie! We then watch as the new baby, Rodney Copperbottom, grows through a couple sets of “hand-me-down-parts” and into a young adult. The first set is from his cousin, Jeff, and are slightly too big, and little Rodney is constantly tugging on them to keep them from falling off. The next set of hand-me-downs is from his cousin, Veronica. As the name implies, they are from a girl cousin, and are pink, and shaped like a girl torso. After watching a show on inventing, he aspires to grow up and become an inventor. At his graduation, instead of throwing his hat, he throws the torso up.

The next scene we see is Rodney walking into the fancy restaurant where his dad works as a dishwasher. He begs his dad to let him try out this new invention that he’s created. His dad finally consents, and the new gadget works brilliantly. That is, until Mr. Gunk, Mr. Copperbottom’s boss walks in and has a fit. Rodney’s “Wonderbot” gets nervous and starts going crazy, zig-zagging all through the air, knocking plates and dishes all over the place. Mr. Copperbottom has to pay for the dishes, and as he doesn’t make much, Rodney decides he is going to make his way in the world, and try to help his dad pay back Mr. Gunk. He wants to be something, and he can’t be something here in measly Rivettown. He was going to Robot City. Once in the big city, Rodney meets up with a couple of unlikely, and seemingly hopeless, companions as they proceed to stop major corporate corruption and save the known world from being “outmoded”.

The first dubious character that we meet is Fender, a somewhat crazy, definitely eccentric spirit who immediately became my favorite. Perhaps it’s the accents and the atmosphere that Robin Williams lends him, perhaps it’s the funny, although accurate lines, or perhaps it’s both combined. Regardless, he quickly became my favorite character. When we first meet him, he begins taking pictures of Rodney rapidly, much like paparazzi, exclaiming things like, “Work with me! Work with me!” And, “Come on! Inside of you is a fashion model just waiting to throw up!”

We meet up with the rest of Fender’s family in a back alley. And Rodney is taken “home”, to an inn, that is provided by Aunt Fanny, a lovable character, that takes in bots that are “broke” in all three meanings of the word.

Rodney and the gang spend their time fixing the broken bots with anything they can find. And they do fix many bots. However, in a city the size of Robot City, it was drops in the bucket, to borrow the old colloquialism. They had to get to Big Weld, the CEO, the best robot in the world. He would come back and fix the problems.

One of the key quotes I was referring to in my paragraph is, “Follow your dreams…” Another that I think is essential is, “You’ve got greatness in you…” Those are a few of many references and quotes along the same lines. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but to say that you have all it takes to follow your dreams and achieve them, and that you have greatness in you, is Biblically unsound. The Bible no where tells us that we have greatness in us. What the Bible tells us is that we are sinners, condemned to hell, and that there is not one good, no not one. So if no one is even good, then no one can be great. As a disclaimer, I’m not trying to be pessimistic, and God doesn’t leave us there, to be condemned, and I understand that this was not done by a Christian company, or producer, and so I’m not expecting them to have the message of salvation portrayed. I’m not condemning them, or saying that the movie is heathen and you shouldn’t watch it. Nevertheless, every person has a worldview; every person believes something about God. Either they believe He exists or He doesn’t. If they believe He exists, some don’t believe He cares about us. The list of beliefs is endless. But they believe something, and that will come out in their works. In what they write, what they say, how they act, etc. What I am attempting to do with this review is look into what the author’(s) and/or producer’s worldview was when the movie was created. The worldview that’s present in this movie is one in which you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, that you don’t need any help from a higher power. That anything is possible, as long as you work hard. The Bible teaches differently however. It teaches that all things are possible, through Christ. According to the Bible, man can do nothing apart from God, as He is the very giver of life.

I’m not sure how this all really applies to robots, but then again, robots aren’t that sophisticated. Yet.

Overall the movie had wonderful animation, a somewhat memorable storyline, and many wonderful, brilliant, outstanding, and hilarious lines along the way. On a scale of 1 to 10, Robots gets a 9.

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